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14th December 2017

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* On Thursday (30th November) I went out with the beloved to Strut and Cluck, which is the currently open restaurant of the people who did Delamina at the Taste of London festival. (Delamina will open in February).
We ordered lots of starters and they were each delicious - not very complicated, but well-treated good ingredients.
Then I realised that between the roast cauliflower and the crispy rosemary potatoes and the pita balagan (which had some rocket and some bacon on it, I think) and the lettuce cup, I had not ordered any aubergine dishes, and I was sorry for the missed opportunity. But full and happy with the things we had ordered.
The beloved had the shawarma main and I had the sliced turkey and we both had lots of zhoug - theirs is delicious, but hardly any heat to it.

They have nice tea. I had an earl grey when I got in from the cold, and at the end of the meal I had a lemon grass and ginger and cardamom one. the tea-bags are branded with 'strut and cluck' labels.
(Though they serve it wrong - a teabag next to a cup of boiled water.)


Being out with the beloved, I asked if the beloved would join me to go to the Christmas Distraction Club - I'd only just got around to buying tickets when there were 2 left for sale, so I grabbed both. But I didn't know if the beloved would have time, or not be on call, and such.

The Distraction Club is in a basement under a pub - some wifi is sometimes available, but not v. reliable, not good for being on call.

But the beloved could and did come with me, and it was a fun evening.

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29th November 2017

Hanuka songs שירי חנוכה

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For my own use, and because Hannuka starts on the evening of 12th December this year. And because some people think there are no Hanuka songs, Which annoys me every time.

Youtube video, forty minutes of Hanukka songs )

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24th November 2017

Food? Food

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Last weekend - on the 18th - I went with the beloved to Taste of London, Christmas Edition. Read more... )

On Tuesday, I went with Derek to the last day of the soft opening of Dishoom Kensington. Read more... )

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16th November 2017

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On Tuesday, (14th) my laptop came back from repair. I have a service contract thing that was bought with the laptop. So when I spilled soup on it by accident just before Halloween, they sent someone to pick it up, shipped it to their repair centre, and a scant couple of weeks later, here it is:

They found faults and replaced:
AC adapter, display, extension board, cable, mother board, keyboard, palm rest, extension board, battery. It looks new. It mostly is new.
It had Windows on it.
Now it is getting Ubuntu installed on it and a restore-from-backup.
I don't want to touch it. It's so clean and un-oily and no crumbs on it and it is so shiny and new.
(this I am typing on the beloved's work laptop. Which is at home because beloved is on holiday)


On Monday, (13th November) I went out with the beloved to see Thor: Ragnarok in our local cinema. We have a local cinema, now. It's been there for, two or three years? It's still new to me. It is close to to where we live! The old local cinema was closed for so many years.

Thor: Ragnarok was very enjoyable. I am glad I went to see it. I managed to stay awake during all the fights! Usually the fights are where I fall asleep at movies. They don't have to be boring, they just often are.
I had a special fondness for Korg.

We stayed after the film and watched the mid-credits scene, and read some of the credits and cheered for the sysadmins, and watched the post-credits scene.


On Saturday, (4th November) I went out for Derek's birthday drinks and got there late.
He gave me my Christmas present, a bottle of Claree. To be opened in December.
I bought him some gin.
There were more trans men in one place than I'd knowingly encountered before, I think. It was inspiring and hopeful (and a bit hard for me. I felt small emotional wobbles. I just tried to get through them and not load them on anyone else).

After the drinking, I went on to Duckie with [personal profile] apiphile and with Fiona and Rory. found space to dance and it was fun. It was crowded and overheated, as usual :)
Sometime after one [personal profile] morwen showed up, we said hello to her and grabbed her bag, and then she came in and danced with us.


On Friday, I met Derek out in Central London because he asked online for someone to buy him a coffee. I thought I'd be an arsehole and said 'Covent Garden' when he asked me to name a tube station, but joke's on me, as he's actually so fit now he just went up the stairs easily, and I arrived later and did all the waiting-for-the-lift (though it wasn't that bad).
He chose a place that does monster milkshakes so I got one,
It was caramel and it came with whipped cream and a doughnut and marshmallows on sticks.

Then we wondered around Covent Garden, I was ambushed by some shops, At Paperechase I bought a notebook and a Pilot V-pen (which has a nib! like a fountain pen! But it's not re-fillable, as far as I know).
Also tasted tea at tea-shops, wondered at the chocolate shops (some of which may be included on Derek's hot-chocolate tour), and so on. I bought some sealing-wax for the beloved's birthday.
There was a sweet-shop which does prosecco-flavour and rosê wine flavour gummy seets, and some were acquired for the birthday boy.


It's been November, so I am doing the read-and-provide-feedback for [personal profile] apiphile's nano, he sends it out a chapter a day to friends who volunteered.

In previous years I had it open in a word file on one half of the screen, with a text file for my comments in another half of the screen. (tip: Ctrl+windowskey+left arrow to get a window to fill left half of the screen, Ctrl+applekey+right arrow to get a window to fill right half of the screen. Then it's just shouting at the pointer to do what you meant, not what you asked)

This year my laptop was away for the first couple of weeks, so I wrote my comments - including quoting the text to show where I am - by hand in my new notebook with my new pen, - then typed it out into an email to send back.
I enjoy the writing by hand with the pen - it feels nice, when I get the angle right and the ink flows - but the typing it all in afterwards was a bit of a pain, because I was using my phone for that. Now I have my laptop back, I will be able to use it, but I don't know if I'll write and then type, or go back to typing directly.
I am beginning to understand how/why my sister started her fountain pen collection.

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30th October 2017

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here there shall be a picture:

a house, two tigers, and a man

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18th October 2017

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I finished An Unsuitable Heir, which is the last of a trilogy by KJ Charles. m/m, historic romance, also murder mystery with a missing heir. I liked it a lot.

spoilers for An Unsuitable Heir )


Tuesday: I managed to get out to the post office and send out three things.
A small pen-knife a friend found in her pocket before a flight, which I took and promised to mail to her.
A bread-maker baking tin, which I ordered and sent onwards, as the people selling it were not shipping to Israel. My parents' bread-maker that they bought in Israel but somehow getting a replacement part for it to Israel was impossible.
A drawing of a bunny I made as part of Inktober. A friend saw it on twitter and asked if I was selling prints. I said I could do a deal on the original. By which I meant: I have too low energy to organise a print. So I have sent that out.


On Saturday I went with the beloved and with Derek to an evening of comedy and song : Midnight Apothecary Goes Down the Shaft hosted by Tricity Vogue on ukulele (with guest, Matthew Floyd Jones, at the grand piano). It was at the Brunel Museum.
It was described very glamorous on the website: - so much so , it was almost intimidating - but as it was, only the beloved and Derek were even wearing waistcoats. (🎵I was all dressed in black , we were all dressed up in black.🎵)

There was tasty food- greek-style wraps with beef or with feta. There were many and various cocktails, and even a couple of mocktails, (and also glasses and water freely available to drink, which I like)

At a roof-top garden there was a bonfire and pointy sticks and a steady supply of marshmallows to roast, And lit torches all around. I was glad it was a clear night and not raining. At one point someone came up and asked for a light for a cigarette, then used a torch to light it.

There were bars providing drinks both at the rooftop garden, and at the bottom of the shaft, where the performance was, (the stage and the grand piano and the speakers and the projector, which was useful for lyrics for the singalong.

Tricity Vogue was charming and funny and full of innuendo, I enjoyed it very much.
I like this photo because the silhouette on the wall matches levels of double-entendre that were bandied about.

Also I got to be introduced and say hello, because Derek knows Ms. Vogue. Then I got shy and ran away.

Memo to self: the Brunel Museum is quite easy to get to. (Jubilee line to Canada Water, Overground to Rotherhite)


When the beloved and I got home, Shadow, next-door's cat, was waiting on our doormat. We opened the door and he came in for a visit. He's a beautiful cat, but mostly he's inquisitive and friendly and charming and he climbed on me and tried to get up my nose, and he climbed on the beloved, and he was so affectionate and we have fallen in love with this cat.

At one point he fell asleep snuggled on the sofa between me and the beloved, and I tried to get a photo of it, but between us both wearing black and Shadow being a black cat, the charm of the moment did not come through.

When the next-door neighbours came home from their night out, Shadow ran to the door, and I let him out and knocked on their door, and he went back home.

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8th October 2017

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Finished 'Heavy' by Derek Des Anges.

I liked it a lot. I was surprised and happy that it had a hopeful sort of ending.
given the dark things that happen in the book.

(it has past trauma and torture and cannibalism and psychological abuse and austerity and bad food and violence and a dead child and dead adults and suicide and people with racist and homophobic and transphobic and sexist points of view.)

I liked the very distinct character voices, the pull of the story wanting to see what happens to them, the way people grow and change. The dark humour. The way it had poetic streaks once in a while. The way the world was big and had many and varied people in it.

I did pause in the middle and went to read a bit of gay erotic romance for fluff, because I got worried for the characters and I needed a bit of a break.

quotes, which may or may not feel like spoilers )

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5th October 2017

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I did go to the lgbtq tour of the V&A!
I was disappointed that a statue of Mr Stabby - Pierce - I mean St. Sebastian was not included.
But there was an Antinous.

It was interesting and entertaining. And again, lots of walking.

There was an idea of going dancing later that day, but after I got home and sat down, when I got up I discovered that my feet hurt. So I did not go dancing.


This week I attended the Phoenix pub at Cavendish square twice, for two different evenings of comedy:

On Tuesday, Distraction Club with Mitch Benn and the Distractions, and lots of afpers. In the 2nd interval Mitch Benn asks for suggestions of news stories, I had the one about Scotland voting to ban fracking in my mind, as it had been talked about that day, and as it was a positive story. And since people didn't shout out a third story, and since I was in the second row - that is, close enough to be heard - I shouted it out. One: some people cheered at this news. Two: the song was entirely built around that, with a comedy scottish accent and short mentions of the other news stories.
(The beloved pointed out that it was the one happy news story, I said it was just fun to sing "There'll be no fucking fracking 'round here").
There were many and various acts. I especially enjoyed Flo and Joan, who I do not remember having seen before. Here is a song of theirs called Save the Bees on youtube.
Wait, there's a more slickly produced one here:

There was Andrew O'neill and he annoyed me, mostly because he did a song mocking 'Instagram Witches', which is both, what, how prevalent and/or harmful is it that it needs mocking, and two, even if it is that popular, wow, mocking a thing that young women do, how terribly interesting and not at all falling into sexist clichés.
But also I know a couple of women who enjoy a sort of aesthetic which might be called that? and I felt kind of defensive on their behalf.

There were Johnny and the Baptists as surprise last minute guests, and they were good and funny.


There was the Pun Run, which was in aid of charity this time. A gardening mental-health charity.
It was fun and Bec Hill had her amazing flipcharts - they are full of visual puns and they are hilarious. One featured the scary clown from IT, and I thought "she got that done fast", and then she said, on stage, that she'd made it three years ago, and she's really happy it's relevant again.

There were many comedians and it was fun and funny. I'd say would you like to come with me, next time? But only about 6 people read journal websites nowadays, and some of them are not even in London. Maybe next time the beloved will not be on call and will be okay to be in a basement that only gets unreliable wifi for a couple of hours.


On the way home, at the tube station, there was a poster advertising a horror film. There are quotes praising how scary it is, a picture of people looking like they are going camping, heading into a dark forest, and a tag-line: "They should have gone to Vegas" .

There was a mass shooting in Vegas this week, a man shot into crowds and ~50 people died and hundreds were wounded. It is not a good time for this tagline. Poor little tagline, it was doing its best.

I am reading 'Heavy' by Derek Des Anges. 43% through the book, suddenly there are powered exoskeletons. It is surprising and intriguing. I would say it makes me worried for the main characters, but everything has me worried for them. It's set in that kind of world.

The start of the book feels a lot like the book '1984' to me. And it has people in it who are post a 'Lord-of-the-Flies' experience.

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26th September 2017

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Today I attempted to draw some roses according to that gif over there: gifs of drawing roses
Where there's a pen-brush, probably, drawing with delicate strokes and it looks so elegant.

Mine look somewhere between a big mess, starry-night stars, and cabbages. Sometimes hinting at roses.
Needs more practice, I tell myself.

,כשאמא מקלפת תפוז
יוצא לה שלם ונקי ויבש
אבל כשאני מקלף
'תמיד יוצא קווץ

A short poem in Hebrew, by Yehuda Atlas: "When mother peels an orange, it comes out whole and clean and dry. But when I peel, it always comes out a mess. "

It took me literally years to realise that a lot of that was about, y'know, not the inherent superiority of mothers, but about years of experience in peeling oranges. And in using knives. And so on.

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18th September 2017

V&A, tamara

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Today I went to the V&A,to see tamara, whom I had not seen in a while.

We took a tour that was especially for London Design Festival, so it took in several different installations, some of which are in conversation/reaction to pieces in the Museum. And because there were several different ones in different places and themes, the tour - and we - went over a wide range of the museum, from the Raphael galleries (where there were dancing robots!) to the glass galleries, the ceramics, furniture, via a gallery of paintings to see tapestries and a reaction to the tapestries, and to an opera display, and an installation of blue light and red light, so many things! It was about an hour and a half and had a lot of walking and climbing stairs and so on. "My fitbit will be happy", Tamara said.And so it was.
There were two guides, the one we got was called Dan Nuvo, (like the art, he said). He pinged gay (and then he made a skipping leg day joke and I was sure) and later in the Ceramics gallery he pointed out a display of a rainbow of glazes that was installed by a gay man, and said that he did the LGBT tour in the V&A, on the last Saturday of the Month at four, Derek do you want to go?

Anyway, the museum is huge and it was nice to see so much of it. And it was good to see tamara and do an thing with her.
We exited through Exhibition Road, there is a new! Shiny! entrance there that I had not seen before . I came in through the Cromwell road entrance. Then made her come and find me under the Chihuli chandelier.

After, we travelled together to Liverpool Street station, and met Nicole (or possibly another name, I am bad at names). She's doing comms for the concom. She was friendly and polite. Apparently she had slightly alarmed some police officers earlier by being friendly and polite at them. People don't seem to understand that in a big crowded city, ignoring people is the best way one can give them space.

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17th September 2017

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On Saturday I went out to see "God's Own Country" which is also known around these parts as Brokeback Yorkshire. (These parts being both friends' brains and the internet).

I twote about it a couple of times after seeing it mentioned and seeing the trailer, and the director of the film and the producer of the film have both retweeted me.

There was much Yorkshire, and [personal profile] apiphile said it was "graphically farming and graphically gay" which is accurate.

(those mean there are scenes with dead animals in them, and there are scenes with pretty graphic gay sex)


I went to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe with Random, because she had a spare ticket. We had awful seats and then realised that where we were sitting was actually a continuation of the bench all the way to the wall, and the actual marked seats had a better view - we moved to the actual seats during the interval.
I liked the Beatrice, she was charming and funny. I also liked the bright costumes.

(I think I nodded off at one point, so still low energy/ not enough stamina for an play, but if I'm sitting down I can just do that and not be in anyone's way - and then I wake up and keep watching, I don't get the huge energyy drop from trying to stay standing up)


(Today I looked at the BBC iplayer website, and BBC Alba had Oran Na Mara/Song of the Sea - that beautiful animated film - available. But it is dubbed in language I do not understand - Scottich Gaelic, perhaps? and no English subtitles, either.
It's still very pretty.


I went looking through the iplayer films and they had Pedro Almodovar's 'I'm So Excited' Which is on an airplane that has a fault in its landing gear so instead of flying to Mexico is circling Toledo, waiting to get a place to land. It is full of sex and alcohol and drugs, some - especially the drugs - non-consensually, and it is very very silly. Everyone on economy is given 'muscle relaxants' and is fully asleep for the entire flight, for example. This is very very silly and also unethical and impossible. They all wake up fine for the landing and evacuation. This is also impossible. It's taking itself about as seriously as a eurovision song. Once I totally accepted that mindset, I enjoyed it. (Also there is a suicide attempt that is averted - person is about to, phone rings, they don't - but they are shown walking onto an ambulance, to be hospitalised).
The mood is light, there are bright colours, cheerfulness, and a happy ending.


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1st September 2017

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I went to the Globe, to see Lear.

The weather forecast had said there'd be rain - I even found my rain-poncho to bring - but the day itself was sunny and warm, and the globe near the stage was in shade, it was good weather for open-air theatre.

I had a yard ticket, because I enjoy the experience of standing, close to the stage, and being close to the action, and so on -
and I was enjoying the play - except I was feeling weak and wobbly, so I ducked down a few times, and finally just sat on the floor - I was feeling a bit of nausea as well by then. That was about half-way, maybe, through the first half of the play.

A first-aider came and fetched me out, got me to a bench, and then brought a wheelchair and wheeled me to the first-aid room, where I had a lie-down and then a couple of glasses of water.
I was sad to miss it - I'd never watched the whole of it, I wanted to see what happened next - and I was frustrated. And I was angry at being unable to do this thing, which I had done successfully in the past: standing all the way through a play.

I had slept the night before. I had eaten food and drank water that day, though maybe not enough. I am bleeding though, which dehydrates me more quickly. And I had not had enough water the previous day.

The other thing is that this had happened once before: I'd gone to see Taming of the Shrew with people, and I felt woozy and faint then, too, and had a nap in the first-aid room for most of the play. But that time I had not slept at night and had had three bites of cheese for breakfast, so. I thought it was just a one-time thing. I thought those were specific circumstances which I could avoid with a bit of care. But no: this meat-suit seems to have developed a new fault.

At the interval Derek - who had been watching the play, but not enjoying it as much as he'd like - came and found me. I was feeling a little better by then, but I couldn't tell if I'd be up to watching the rest. Mostly I wanted a nap. So we changed plans: we went to the cafe and he got me a cup of tea and an apple and a brownie, had a bit of a sit-down, and then he helped me find Southwark station and I went home.

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30th August 2017

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On Tuesday Derek and I went and had a raindrop cake, at Boba Jam, which is a place that does desserts and bubble tea.

I'd seen photographs of raindrop cake online -- it looks like a solid, clear drop of water.
It pretty much tastes like that, too. It was served with a sweet molasses syrup and with roasted soyban flour, which add flavour. But the thing itself feels like slightly more solid water, like --like water in the studio ghibli animated films. It was cool and refreshing on a warm day.
(It says it is made of waer and agar, so it is also vegan).

Derek had expressed interest in trying raindrop cake,and I was curious too. so before we were to meet on Tuesday I googled where in London served it, found a few options, and Derek helped me choose a suitable one.

After that we went to watch Angels in America part 2: Perestroika. (It was an encore screening of an National Gheatre live filmed play). It was good. It had dark humour and optimism and male nudity. It had a lot of optimism, too.
The good ended happily, and the bad ended unhappily: that is fiction.


On Wednesday I got up early -- the beloved woke me up. I had missed one alarm and the other alarm I had set for 7:30pm - the evening- by mistake.
Made my way to Marylebone train station, picked up the train tickets, bought foods, and met Derek.
We journeyed up to Stratford-upon-Avon by train. The cotswolds are pretty and feature green fields and sheep.

We found the Swan theatre - there was a swan outside, that helped.

We watched the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Salomé.
Matthew Tennyson played Salomé. In a dress and high heels, and in a veil and a dress. And for a short while during her dance, in nothing at all. There was a sign in the entrance to the theatre - no the building, with all the cafes, bars, gift shop, etc, but the theatre proper, where people who already had tickets went - that the performance featured full frontal male nudity. ]]

Basically it's a play about how much desire - specifically desire for white bodies - fucks people up. How desire is a powerful force, but that it doesn't give people power.

I liked it! I liked the design and the music and the use of the space. I thought it was pretty. Derek thought it was not great.
We both liked Herodia, we have an affinity for bitter old queens.

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11th August 2017

Enhanced eyes

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I booked an eye-test. (Online, at Specsavers). Then I realised I wanted to have it on another day, so I moved it, twice, via the email booking notice they had sent me and their webpage. It was easy.

I finally had the eye test done today, this morning.
And it was fine. Much looking at bright lights!
Many: which is better, this one or this one? I felt so free to know that 'they're the same' is a valid answer.

The conclusion was basically that my prescription has changed a tiny little bit but not really that much. So I do not need new glasses.

I told everyone I had an eye test last year, but actually now I have looked it up it was two years ago. Mostly I am writing this post to have a record of when this eye test was.

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July was a month with much theatre. Two theatre:

Derek had booked us tickets to see Angels in America: Millennium Approaches ,Read more... )

Friend Hunter mentioned a musical - Yank! - because a friend of his, Sarah-Louise Young stars in it. So I looked it up, and it is set in WW2 and has men soldiers in love in it. Read more... )

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7th August 2017

I hope you're keeping some kind of record

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Went to the Pride in London™ Parade™ on July 8th.
Read more... )

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6th July 2017

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Washed myself, got out and realised all the towels were in the washing-machine. Stood in front of the air-conditioner and set it to dehumidify.
(The towels are now hanging out to dry).


Went out and saw a Tom of Finland film: Daddy and the Muscle Academy, 1991. There was talking before it, with an artist doing Tom of Finland inspired art, and people doing talky bits and a woman from the Finnish embassy (I think) who said she was married with 4 kids and a dog , and Tom of Finland tea-towels.

Anyway the talking was interesting and amusing, and the film was full of the art and men talking about how important the art was to them, and Tom of Finland talking about making the art, and inspirations. Just the way art and representation matters, and gives permission to be yourself. (even when it's kitschy porn, sometimes especially because it is kitschy porn).

Also there was a video greeting from Jean-Paul Gaultier, and he was funny and charming and talked of the art of Tom of Finland as inspiration.

After, there was a party at Ku bar, mostly to promote the Tom-of-Finland brand vodka. Everyone who came got a ticket that could be exchanged at the bar for a vodka-and-ginger, which tasted very much of the ginger-beer (Fever-tree, I think) and not at all of vodka, to me.

There was also a raffle. Derek won a set of coasters and a tray with Tom of Finland illustrations on them.


I went to Distraction Club this week, it was good. There was Pippa Evans, with some older stuff and some newer stuff,
Mr Mannish as Richard Carpenter, doing very slight variations on Carpenters songs, honestly, you could hardly tell the difference .
Kirsty Doody was back and it was good to see her, she's so great.
There was an allegedly impromptu performance of the beginning of Enter Sandman by Mitch Benn and the Distractions, because Ivan Shepherd was going to play the first two minutes of it with some people sometime soon.
Er. There was Matt Blair, who did a Wolverine song to celebrate the forthcoming release of Logan on blu-ray, and Ben Norris, and Rob abandoman Broderick, who did freestyle rap about random things people had in their bags. I was very impressed, I handed him a fidget-toy of colourful blocks onna string and he sang about it *while* trying to figure out what it is.
There was Ben Norris, and he was funny.


The other day my brain told me Mr Brightside by the Killers would work well as bossa-nova. This seemed like a fine idea that I have not the skills to execute, and I was worried I would be ear-wormed with the first two lines of the song, bossa-nova style, forever.
But then I searched for it on the internet, (using duck-duck-go, so I can't even say I googled)
And it had already been done! Mr. Brightside Bossa Nova style cover on youtube.
So that saved me :)

I also found this cover, , which is not bossa nova, but is pretty.


I just finished reading Concourse, by Santino Hassell, which is a M/M romance about a boxer and a socialite. I liked it a lot, even though at one or two points I was yelling at the book, 'Just talk to him!' 'just *tell* him, he'll understand!' He did tell him in the end and he did understand. I read romance because it works out in the end, that is the point. But also I enjoy the sad longing before it works out.

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18th June 2017

Musical: Come From Away

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This weekend [ profile] fahye mentioned Come From Away, which is a musical.

It's about the town of Gander in Newfoundland, and about how the people there welcomed the nearly 7000 people who were stranded there in the aftermath of the September 11th 2001 attacks. "It's not a 9/11 musical, it's a 9/12 musical" the writers have said in an interview. There is a big airport near the town, and 38 planes were diverted to land there after USA closed its airspace.

The cast performed the opening number at this year's Tony awards, and it is on youtube: Welcome to the Rock.

The other song it was easy to find - and stands well on its own - is about a woman who was piloting an American Airlines Boeing 777 and landed in Gander on 9/11. She was the first female Captain in America.
Me and the Sky.
And it's based on a real woman, and she has attended the musical a lot, and brought tens of women pilots with her to see it, too.

So I listened to the entire soundtrack on Spotify, and it's about people coming together and being kind to strangers, and people being stressed and getting through this stressful situation. And I got so much catharsis and I cried a lot, in a really satisfying way.

So now you know about it, and if you like musicals and people doing the work of being kind, you might want to seek it out.

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12th June 2017

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When I was a child, I wanted to be Vincent Van Gogh.

Oh, you wanted to be a revolutionary artist, whose paintings sold for millions?

No, I wanted to be supported by my hard-working sibling while I engaged in my useless hobby.

I mean, yes, the previous one is great, but I didn't believe it was possible for me, as it wasn't even possible for Van Gogh while he was alive.

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9th June 2017

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I thought I had longer until the next election to finally sort out being able to vote, but then sudden new election, and not enough time.

Friend M had trouble registering to vote after a recent house-move, but went to extra effort and got it done. I am proud of her.

On election day (8th June 2017), she posted to facebook that she had a migraine, and couldn't face going anywhere.
I had the spoons, so I offered to come around, and she said yes please, and bring ibuprofen.

It turned out she'd ran out of painkillers and had none in her home at all.

I came over, and she was in great pain and hiding from light. She took a painkiller and we discussed getting an emergency proxy vote, so I could go vote for her. But he painkillers seemed to start working and she felt better - enough to want a cup of tea, then enough to want a second cup of tea, and tolerate more light, and then - like a miracle - she was better enough to get up, sit in the light from the open window, and chat. And then she realised she was feeling up to going to the polling station to vote, and I walked there with her, and she did vote. \o/

I felt better about myself for helping.
(the Labour MP where we are got 81% of the vote).


I made plans to go out dancing with friend Derek on election night, we thought it was a better idea than sitting watching the news and being on social media all night. And it WAS.

We met at the Montagu Pyke.

Tracy Chapman's 'Revolution' was playing in the background, and he said that the JD Wetherspoons was a good place for a revolution to start, with it underpaid staff and the people who come to drink there probably underpaid as well, because people come to drink there because it's cheap.


We went to G-A-Y Late, because gay, cheap entry, cheap cocktail jugs, also there is space to dance and some aircon.

And it was mostly empty around eleven when we got there, but it did fill up. It felt friendlier than usual, I think.

There are screens all around the walls, usually showing the music video of whatever song is playing. That evening that was most of the screens, but a few screens were showing the bbc election night broadcast, and showing the results.

There were people in LABOUR shirts and people were checking out the screens and enthusiastically cheering for labour gains :) Or for Tory losses.

People danced with both of us and with each of us, enthusiastically, happily.

They played 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child *and* 'I will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor, I think those were going to be played for election night whatever happened.

I took a nightbus home, it arrived at 3:19, and at 3:30 dawn started, the sky got lighter and lighter from then.

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